The Last Gang In Town


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recorded,mixed & mastered by Fedor Fufaev
all songs & lyrics by WLVS
additional vocals by Noek of Euglena in track 1, Ilya of 1337 in track 4


released April 13, 2013



all rights reserved
Track Name: The Art Of Falling Apart (feat. Noek of Euglena)
guess who will be the first to fall and you'll be wrong,baby im trojan horse. im the demon inside your head,always will be one step ahead. you were water & i was steal,you not those for who i will break the walls,break fuckin walls & walk through heads of foes. this is the art of falling apart making your ribs came cracked by the heart beating,but no more by my side. you not even noticed how swallowed your pride. find the strength to forget all these chokes as unfunny comedy,uninteresting joke. i really hope that you won't even try to make a step in the same water twice. you know im not a liar. they are giving you the best embrace and you believe in better days, but what ill do is much more less - i wish you'll find happiness and big love. good luck. turn off.
Track Name: The Last Gang In Town
the king is dead but butchers alive. bakers & pigs started a fight. i heard their steps behind my wall but i was too afraid, afraid to ignore. i let them in and took a blade, cut their throats. so will you do the same? find the bravery to stand your ground & keep faith in the last gang in town.
this is cracked ice under your feet, fire that burnt your house down, the awfull sound of broken teeth, this is the last gang in town.
Track Name: Stay Gold
step back away from the crowd. rise the flag of another color. be the one who live. be the one who feel. save the beat of your young and scarlet hearts, not of dogs in balaclava, not of liars in shining cars. be brave young lovers, so sing to this melody, stay for your own gold and don't be a parody. stay gold.
Track Name: Spark (feat. Ilya of 1337)
throw me into the riverbed with stone on my feet. no, you will not see me going down, i won't let you defeat. you are one of those dozen extinguished, sorry this level is already done. but im still walking forward as a man with hope through the barbwire & lions gates, it's such a bad illuminated path. wounded feet is not a cause of retreat, i never thinking to step back. at one day that is already forgotten i've met it for one last time. you told me god - you'll never find it. but i'll keep it to deadline. every man with beating heart need a spark, no matter where: in lighter and in the dark, inside the engine or in barrell of a gun before the last shoot. everyone need a fuel to live but it useless without a spark. without a spark.
Track Name: Wound
i feel an ocean in open wound. i feel this all inside & hope you feel too. it's running through my blue veins & soak into my bones, i thought you felt the same but it was just on my own. you told me captain we are at the bottom, but aint no ocean to hold my body down. my lungs are filled with water & if ill drown ill come up from the bottom. cold waves will bring me to the shore. but where? ill never let you know. youll never know.
Track Name: Love Take Me Back
drag me in, my love. i want you to come back again. take me back from desperation that i stucked. forgive me my lies of former life & be my light in darkest of nights. there is nothing worse than walk alone path of the damned with no return, no signs, no traces of your own feet, trying not to miss a turn. & im still not afraid but please my love... these hands are colder than cold, so please my love take me back to place where song will never sing alone, take me back to place that i can call home, stop me when ill choose direction that will not be right, be my light in the darkest of nights.
Track Name: Hopeless
fall down 3 times & rise up 4 but lord let my screams to be heard and get my feet back on the earth. i'm closing my eyes & counting to ten, i'm sure you are the one who can. is your heart beating or burning down? heart of a lion or heart of a coward? these are my famous last words & i can not keep them secret more. i'll better go away but let you fucking know. so can you see that im still here in front of you the biggest fool as faithfull pet with no regrets, you are my hope ill never get.
taste wounds on those lips, sing alone for the hopeless. spit blood out of teeth, clench fists, you, hopeless. i wish you to taste tears from my eyes of hopeless. i wish you will never know what is like to be hopeless. take a one more last look at her. the hope ill never get.
Track Name: Barefoot
if we wont try we will never know how high this mountain is. can we climb it right to the top & jump down right from the cliff? move it away from our way, away from our way. im ready & i can, see im walking barefoot up on the rocks & stones as blades & im speechless cause my silence will say everything to you. please dont answer anything cause your eyes are just enough & those wounds on my feet will heal of your love.